Who I am

I am qualified, registered and accredited as a Psychodynamic Counsellor, as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and as a Supervisor. I comply with the continuing professional development requirements of my profession and have collegial support.

Where have I worked?

Most recently I was a partner in the prestigious private psychotherapy practice The Group Analytic Practice (est. 1960), inheriting Dr Robin Skinner’s pigeonhole. My experience came from years working with different groups of people in different sectors.

  • I was lucky to have the best of the NHS at Barts hospital where Dr Anthony Clare supported in depth psychotherapy and I could hone solid skills.
  • Students at Imperial College gave me a sense of the difference counselling could make when people were prepared to take the risk of trusting someone.
  • The young, homeless of London’s West End taught me not to take anything for granted.
  • My contact with athletes came through Central London YMCA
  • I developed ideas about couples and parenting working for the innovative Exploring Parenthood.
  • Musicians at the Guildhall School of Music and dancers at the Laban centre introduced me to the artistic temperament and the particular approach needed to help artists fulfill both their ambition and their relationships.
  • At the Institute of Directors I met the development needs of their executive coaches.

What are my professional interests?

  • Teaching has given me a national and international profile. For 16 years I was responsible with colleagues for training many of the psychotherapists who now work in the NHS across the UK. I continue to teach psychotherapy students at MSc level in London.
  • Occasional lectures and workshops give me the chance to explore a new area or think of interesting ways to present material. Recent work has been with GPs.
  • My Book ‘Psychotherapy and Counselling a professional business’ Wiley 2004 and my paper on Projective Processes are standard texts.
  • Supervision is my real strength and interest. I am recognised as a supervisor both by the BACP and the IGA. I currently supervise the psychotherapists studying on the IGA supervision course.
  • A research interest in how psychotherapists experience themselves as professionals and how this influences their practice keeps me intellectually stimulated, encourages me to reflect on my practice and helps me support colleagues.

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